year end – and another thing!

Just to say that we’re now pretty much on Christmas vacation, there may be some building going on in the spaces between festivities, but we hope to be back up to speed at the beginning of 2021.

Thanks to the Government’s behaviour, we have no real idea about the impact that Brexit will have on shipping (both PCBs and components coming in to us, as well as delivering to our valued customers). It may be that shipping costs will change, but we just don’t know unfortunately…

UPDATE 22/12/2020 — Since the UK borders are now shut because of Covid-19, as well as the uncertainty regarding postal services at the moment, I have decided to shut the shop until the new year. My hope is that there will be some way to continue shipping in the new year.

It is highly likely that the orders which were posted earlier this week will be delayed, and orders placed this week will not be posted until we know what is going on.