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Latest module from us is the random bit-shift sequencer (rbss) — it’s a variation on the well-established Turing Machine source of randomness in a single-width AEModular module.

Three controls: rate, length and chance – length and chance also being voltage-controllable.

This version will be an unlimited run, with a variant on the initial design (embossed arcs leading from the wonkystuff W logo, green PCB). Incoming clock signal illuminates a blue LED beneath the logo as with the first edition.

From serial number #130, there are a couple of modifications to the circuit — the clock input is not so hungry on current any more, and the output has been smoothed to ensure that the rbss plays more nicely with the Tangible Waves Quantizer.

(Please note that these are mostly made on-demand, so there may be a delay before shipping out)


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The rbss has the following parameters:

  • Random Bit Shift Sequencer of 16 steps;
    • Length is variable by front-panel control and control voltage;
  • Chance control determines whether a bit will flip;
    • Chance moves from 0 (never flips) to 1 (always flips);
  • Clock signal variable to low audio rate — front panel control only;
    • at higher frequencies rbss can be used as a random wavetable source;
  • audio output can be used to create interesting rhythmic clicks.

A bit more information can be found here as well as on the AEModular wiki!

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Weight 80 g
Dimensions 100 × 25 × 35 mm