rbss (first edition)


Latest module from us is the random bit-shift sequencer (rbss) — it’s a variation on the well-established Turing Machine source of randomness in a single-width AEModular module.

Three controls: rate, length and chance – length and chance also being voltage-controllable.

Initial design (embossed arcs leading from the wonkystuff W logo) is a limited run of 8 modules — more will follow. Incoming clock signal illuminates a blue LED beneath the logo…

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The rbss has the following parameters:

  • Random Bit Shift Sequencer of 16 steps;
    • Length is variable by front-panel control and control voltage;
  • Chance control determines whether a bit will flip;
    • Chance moves from 0 (never flips) to 1 (always flips);
  • Clock signal variable to low audio rate — front panel control only;
    • at higher frequencies rbss can be used as a random wavetable source;
  • audio output can be used to create interesting rhythmic clicks.

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