mm33 Matrix Mixer for AE Modular


The first batch of the mm33 3×3 matrix mixer for AE Modular is now sold out, however we’ve just placed an order for PCBs for the next run, so they should be available again in a couple of weeks or so.

The module is available either pre-built or in kit form, because some people want plug-and-play, whilst others want the feeling of having made something (and there’s also a cost-saving which might be important!).

If you’d like to be notified when they’re available again, drop us an email or message us on your favourite social media platform!

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The mm33 is a 3×3 matrix mixer, using high-quality Bourns pots and a solid fibreglass panel (PCB material). Build quality has been described as ‘solid’, whilst the kit has been described as straightforward.

From the AE Modular Wiki:

This is a standard buffered matrix mixer where each output (x, y, z) contains a mix of signals 1-3 determined by the position of the controls. Controls are laid out such that inputs are arranged in rows (number of stripes indicates the input number), and outputs are arranged in columns.

The outputs are buffered and have a small amount of gain. Each output has multiple output pins.

Module power consumption: <1 mA


      • 1 – DC coupled input for channel 1
      • 1a – AC coupled input for channel 1
      • 2 – DC coupled input for channel 2
      • 2a – AC coupled input for channel 2
      • 3 – DC coupled input for channel 3
      • 3a – AC coupled input for channel 3


      • x – the mixed signals for channel x
      • y – the mixed signals for channel y
      • z – the mixed signals for channel z


      • 9x Potentiometers – These are laid out in 3 rows and 3 columns with each attenuating the signal strength that is routed from an input to an output.

The matrix mixer lends itself to be played by ear — often used to set up complex feedback loops, check out the works of David Tudor (particularly Neural Synthesis) and David Myers/Arcane Device (thanks to rockysmalls for those references!)

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