m.mix/25 (Rev.B) Passive 5×5 matrix mixer (kit) WHITE PCB


A second batch of the reissue passive 5×5 wonkystuff matrix mixer — PCB colour is White! Still as compact as before (approximately 100mm x 100mm), but the inputs and outputs have been reconfigured and more clearly labelled.

    • High-quality Bourns potentiometers for smooth operation;
    • Passive build means no power required;
    • More logical layout than the original m.mix/25

Please note that there is no panel with this mixer


The matrix mixer has long been a staple of experimental music, allowing many varied feedback loops and cross modulation possibilities. Since this implementation is passive, it requires no batteries but signals being mixed might need to be slightly ‘hotter’.

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If buying the bare PCB you will need in addition:

      • 25 snap-in 100k linear potentiometers (Bourns PTV09, Alps RK09K, or similar);
      • 25 100k resistors to fit the 0.3″ hole spacing on the PCB;
      • 10 ‘Thonkiconn’ 3.5mm jack sockets if mounting directly to the board. Available from Thonk

The kit contains all of the above alongside the PCB.

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Bare PCB, Kit