ws-cd002: what we do (neuschlaufen)

After a long period of silence on the recordings front, Wonkystuff are proud to present a new recording from neuschlaufen – a sprawling epic with touchpoints in ambient, jazz, krautrock and the spaces between them.

What do Neuschlaufen do?
simultaneously tense and mellow, an amalgamation of so many disparate elements that renders it difficult to place. And that’s all the more reason to rate this effort, that broadly sits in the brackets of avant-garde, experimental, jazz, and even post-rock and math-rock, albeit at their most minimal and most deconstructed. And that is what they do.

– C. Nosnibor (Aural Aggravation)

16: start by repairing our futures…

Unfortunately Aemær was unable to play, so we have a reshuffled lineup (and a completely unknown quantity in “Subida del Muerto”!!)

Wonkystuff events are characterised by the minimal (DiY) presentation, and no canned music between performances (we value the time to talk to audience members, without the distraction of background music – we feel that the focus should be on the performed music)

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