new design #2

The next module for redesign is the mm33 — the order for the next batch of PCBs has just been sent off…

The redesign of course uses the new font and graphic design previously seen in the qvca, but the mm33 electronics have also been redesigned:

— The module now uses surface mount components, so it’s a little bit neater than the original mm33! We have yet to decide whether to offer a kit for this version, we’ll keep you posted.

— Gain for each channel has been increased to improve the behaviour when using the mm33+ within feedback patches.

— Each output channel now has a switch to select whether the output is targetted for CV or audio (CV signals are relative to 0v, whilst audio signals are centred around 2.5v). It is of course possible to use the audio setting for CVs if that is what you want to do!

The updated module will be available on the webshop just as soon as they arrive!