More AEModular news

Those of you who are on facebook and follow Tangible Waves might have seen their post a couple of days ago about a new module that we have been collaborating on — an oscilloscope!

First sightings of the prototype!

We are proud to have been involved in writing the firmware for this device and can’t wait to get one in the rack!

The collaboration was sparked following a post on instagram of a tiny ‘scope that we were playing with. That might yet see the light of day (but obviously not in AEModular format) — we’ll see how it goes…

Exciting times! Check out Tangible Waves for more details as and when they appear…

A Module For AE Modular…

After far too long (it seems), we have just released our first module for the AE Modular modular synthesiser system from Tangible Waves! It can now be seen alongside all of the other modules in the AE Modular Wiki.

The module is a 3×3 matrix mixer with buffered outputs, suitable for audio and control-signal mixing. We’ll put a video up on our YouTube channel at some point over the next few days showing it in use. The front panel can even be flipped over for a choice of look!

Order it here!

Build Instructions for Core1 Rev.C

We’ve just finished putting together the Rev.C version of the Core1 board – changes are:

  • Smoother main output;
  • Sub-oscillator output (square wave);
  • Front panel!

Although the main output has been smoothed out, by mixing in the sub-oscillator a lot of the grit of the original versions can be regained, we believe this makes for a much more flexible and usable device.


It’s been a long time, but things are still slowly chugging along here at wonkystuff. Obviously the pandemic stuff prevented us from running the April show, but we hope to start doing live stuff again just as soon as we can.

In the mean time, there are a couple of hardware announcements:

  1. There will be a new version of the wonkystuff Core1 board (revision C) available soon – this time we have a front panel and a square-wave sub-oscillator output too.
  2. We’re toying with the idea of producing programmed chips (such as oscillators, envelope generators), and have the first one basically done (there’ll be another post soon).

Anyway, that’s it for now – stay safe everyone!