rbss update

rbss ‘flatpack’

Thinking that the rbss might be available as a part-assembled kit for a small reduction in cost — the PCB would come with all of the surface-mount components already soldered, just meaning that the customer would need to solder the connectors and pots, and do the final assembly…

(Also shown: 25x70mm peelable vinyl sticker and 25mm button badge!)

new AE Modular Module on the way

This has been on the roadmap for a while, but we finally put together the first prototype today and are very pleased to announce that it worked first time 🙂 We present the random-bit-shift-sequencer (rbss)

There are a few experiments in here

  • our first surface mount module;
  • the part translucent panel;
  • the first design with in-situ-programming (so we can update the firmware!)

We think that it turned out Ok (all the experiments worked out as hoped, although we have a better panel design and colour scheme planned!)

mm33 mods…

The mm33 matrix mixer is designed to perform the mixing of audio or control signals without too many ‘bells and whistles’. Sometimes, however, it might be required that something different is needed, and that’s where this page comes in. We’re going to list a few things that you can change if you like — the intention is that this page might grow over time…

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More AEModular news

Those of you who are on facebook and follow Tangible Waves might have seen their post a couple of days ago about a new module that we have been collaborating on — an oscilloscope!

First sightings of the prototype!

We are proud to have been involved in writing the firmware for this device and can’t wait to get one in the rack!

The collaboration was sparked following a post on instagram of a tiny ‘scope that we were playing with. That might yet see the light of day (but obviously not in AEModular format) — we’ll see how it goes…

Exciting times! Check out Tangible Waves for more details as and when they appear…

A Module For AE Modular…

After far too long (it seems), we have just released our first module for the AE Modular modular synthesiser system from Tangible Waves! It can now be seen alongside all of the other modules in the AE Modular Wiki.

The module is a 3×3 matrix mixer with buffered outputs, suitable for audio and control-signal mixing. We’ll put a video up on our YouTube channel at some point over the next few days showing it in use. The front panel can even be flipped over for a choice of look!

Order it here!