8: electromagnetic disturbances

The show that never happened — there was another great gig that night, so Stereocilia supported Acid Mothers Temple at The Fulford Arms in front of a decent-sized crowd instead of headlining at The Fleeting Arms in front of a tiny crowd.

Then we took a break…

7: noise, ambience and field recordings

Venue: The Fleeting Arms

A special matinée performance featuring guests over from Germany. We’re hoping that this will be a nice relaxed show, with some interesting sounds in a chilled-out environment. Come along for a listen!

!! Just confirmed: Inhuman Resources will be compère whilst the stage is being reset…

2: wonkystuff presents…

Wonkystuff nominally ‘present’ neuschlaufen and some other people

neuschlaufen: Repetitive noise and amp death. https://nschlfn.bandcamp.com/album/1404262220-wp

Muttley: don’t forget the hat.

special guests:

In the blue corner, namke communications
In the red corner, Sebastian Oldsmith.



1a: wonkystuff presents…

Wonkystuff hit the ground running with their first show in Leeds, bringing together:

Stapleton & Rose
** Paul Stapleton’s self-designed instrument, the BoSS Bonsai Sound Sculpture, (BoSS, 2010) combines with Simon Rose’s circular breathed baritone/alto, multiphonics and harmonic textures, to explore through real-time interaction. The method of exploration commits to a free improvisation approach where the music is composed at the point of performance. Since meeting in 2010 Stapleton and Rose have performed as a duo in Germany and the UK, and in 2013 and they released their first CD ‘FAUNA’ on the San Diego label pfMENTUM. Digital version available here: http://fauna-stapleton-rose.bandcamp.com/

Legion of Swine
** Legion of Swine is the main artistic output of Music Techology lecturer Dave Procter. His main themes are disgust at the depths that Western and other regimes sink to in order to keep “democratic” control.
-> http://legionofswine.bandcamp.com/

Orlando Ferguson
** Seance-sonic and trans-timebending drone/noise merchants
-> http://orlandoferguson.net/