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It’s 2020…
see monsd: world premiere performance from the new project from the father of no-audience underground, Rob Hayler.
Rovellasca: Invisible City Records boss give us lo fi minimal drone.
TSR2: DIY electronics, guitar pedals, analogue keyboards and stuff; Knob twiddling sound massage from a time gone by. Where cutting edge ’80s tech goes to die in a wall of drone at the hands of a trio of ambient noise pollutors.
• The inimitable ‘WonkyStuff House Band

Requested admission is £5, but no-one will be turned away due to lack of funds (Come See! Come Hear!).

Wonkystuff events are characterised by the minimal (DiY) presentation, and no canned music between performances (we value the time to talk to audience members, without the distraction of background music – we feel that the focus should be on the performed music)