BioT Build: Step By Step

In advance of the release of BioT v2 here is a step-by-step pictorial assembly guide… please let us know if you have questions about the assembly process ([email protected])

Step 0: Gather The Parts
Step 1: Attach the legs to the lower PCB — the Nicolas Collins quote should be on the side of the longer leg. Note the position of the black spacer!
Step 2: Fit the headers into the top PCB, it might be a squeeze but they do go in (although slightly widening the slot with a small file might be necessary in extreme cases)
Step 2a: The headers should sit flush with the front panel.
Step 3: Place (DON’T SOLDER YET!) the spring connector on the lower PCB, making sure that the sprung part is uppermost (a press with a finger should show whether this is right)
Step 4: Bring the two PCBs together and fix them with the bolts. The spring connector should be slightly compressed…
Step 4a: a slightly compressed spring connector… verify that the spring connector is straight
Step 5: Soldering time – now you just need to solder these 24 pins, and you’re done!
All Done!