a new year; a new design

Following the sell-out of the first run of qvca modules, a second batch of PCBs has been ordered, and these will be made available on the webshop just as soon as they are available! Electronically the new run differs only slightly from the first batch, for manufacturing and calibration purposes.

Hopefully it will also be clear that the design has changed somewhat since the first ‘red circles’ version; it is intended that all of our modules from now on will follow the same design patterns. We are sticking with the black PCB panel, with highlights being a combination of silkscreened white and exposed (tinned) copper tracks.

The typeface has changed (using the SB Flip font family from SelfBuild Type Foundry), and the AEModular logo has been replaced (for now at least) so as to indicate that these modules are 3rd-party and not made by Tangible Waves (although we are still of course in close communication with Robert and the TW crew!).

Obviously the panel graphic is a segment of the wonkystuff W logotype!

Anyway, I’m now off to redesign some more panels…