3: wonkystuff presents…

Performance #3 in the Wonkystuff live catalogue.
This gathering see us playing host to Banana Pill, TCH and Orlando Ferguson

++ Banana Pill (Finland)
Banana Pill is a family duo based in Helsinki, Finland.
Distant melodies and ancient rhythms.
Peaceful vibes broken by dissonance.

Releases include a handful of tapes and cd-r’s on various small labels (Full of Nothing, Jozik, Mineral tapes etc.).


Music video: vimeo.com/71156978

++ TCH (Timothy C Holehouse)

The Music by TCH is subjected in morality, hope, despair, space, place
and awareness within the world and immense universe. With textural
soundscapes and vast crescendos the main focus of many of the pieces
signatures. Movements and pieces rise and fall using variation of
instrumentation and emotions.

Audio: http://soundcloud.com/tch-timothy-c-holehouse
http://vimeo.com/20714531, http://vimeo.com/17693100
Website http://timholehouse.com/tch/

++ Orlando Ferguson
Orlando Ferguson are multi-instrumentalists from York & Leeds who produce extended/drone pieces.

++ Legion of Swine
Legion of Swine is interested in noise. The potential to brutalise it, to smash it into pieces and to reconstruct it from a mass of racket. Throw in some hypocrisy via the political and ruling classes, and stir for several minutes.

Entry is £2.00 on the door.
All proceeds go to the artists