so, 2020 eh?

Well, what a year.

My plan was to treat 2020 as a depth year; getting to know the gear that I have in a bit more detail rather than simply buying new shiny things. However, it didn’t quite turn out like that…

In April, my long-term collaborator (and fellow wonkystuff-er) Ash bought himself an AE Modular system and having enthused about it to me, I also went and purchased a starter rack 2 with a SEQ16 (from Juno), with a mind to do some long distance (York-Leeds) collaborations with Ash, and also perhaps to work on modifying some pre-existing wonkystuff sound-generators to the AE Modular standard for future adventures with our Orlando Ferguson project.

standard mm33 panel (left)

A few months on, and September saw the release of the mm33, a variation of our long-existing 5×5 matrix mixer, tailored for AE Modular — it turned out that it was the very first 3rd-party module for the AE system… and the rest of the year went by in a bit of a blur!

The blur includes a collaboration with Robert on the exciting oscilloscope module (the recently announced METER module) and the release of the rbss random sequencer (in multiple editions!).

I would like to thank everyone who has bought modules from us, all those who have offered ideas and support via the forum and Discord channels, and to Robert and Carsten for their unwavering support (and probably too many emails — sorry Robert!). We wish the AE Modular community all the best for the future.

We have a couple of things in the pipeline (hinted about on our instagram!) for the start of 2021, as well as some more off-beat ideas from the other members of the wonkystuff team… I hope that we will be able to add more content to our YouTube channel also, especially regarding the new modules!

On a more uncertain note, we will have to wait and see how the stupidity of Brexit impacts us, but at the moment we are in a ‘wait and see’ mode; I hope that things like shipping costs etc. will not be disrupted too much; the impact of Covid is of course still being felt, but we all hope that this will be mitigated soon.

Here’s wishing you all a happy Christmas and new year — we hope to see you in 2021!

John, Ash and Simon