10: distant signals, faint at first

After the success of WonkyStuff #9, we’re doing another one at The Fulford Arms, featuring some folk from out of town…

Requested admission is £4, but no-one will be turned away due to lack of funds (Come See! Come Hear!).

Playing tonight will be:

Cynthia’s Periscope
— produces experimental synth pop with a weird edge; there might be space for dancing…
:: https://cynthiasperiscope.bandcamp.com

Fibonacci Drone Organ
— Chance meets Maths meets Drone…

— no-input noise-maker,
:: https://soundcloud.com/uncle-mum/

— What’s best? Livecoding laptop or an 80s drum machine? Only one way to find out… … … back in the ring after WonkyStuff #6
:: https://wonkystuff.bandcamp.com/album/wonkystuff-6

Wonkystuff events are characterised by the minimal (DiY) presentation, and no canned music between performances (we value the time to talk to audience members, without the distraction of background music – we feel that the focus should be on the performed music)