Make It Rain


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Release date: 
29 Mar 2014
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A1: Condense
A2: They Gave Us All False Hope
B1: Sleepwalk
B2: Grant Us Power

Four-track cassette (8 bonus tracks available through digital download) containing Sebastian's livecoded minimal electronics.

First edition of 9 copies in numbered, handmade cardboard box.


Sebastian Oldsmith’s ‘Make it Rain’ 4 track EP is released here with no fewer than 8 bonus cuts. It’s big on stuttering, lolloping clamouring beats that bounce this way and that, rattling inside the listener’s cranium with gathering intensity and irritation. It’s anxiety-inducing electronica , the anti-rhythms juddering and jittering against pings and bleeps, hums and glitches. whisperinandhollerin