Preview: Stapleton & Rose, Legion of Swine, Orlando Ferguson

The Fenton, Leeds - 8/4/2014
The Woolpack, York - 9/4/2014

One week from today, Wonkystuff present the Yorkshire leg of the Stapleton & Rose UK tour (facebook event).

The headliners, Stapleton & Rose, combine Rose's (usually) extended saxophone techniques with Stapleton's Bonsai Sound Sculpture (BoSS). BoSS is a musical instrument/sculpture consisting of a re-purposed turntable, electronics, amplified metallic percussion and strings; invented in 2010 in collaboration with Neil Fawcett.

From the jazzword review (

"... the usual strategy is for Rose to display different, usually extended, saxophone effects while Stapleton provides the backing as if he was a pianist or a bassist. Although episodes of staccato flanges, ring modulator-like thwacks and pulsating vibrations are heard throughout, the sound artist’s most common forefront properties are aviary like chirps, jittery buzzes and string resonation. Not only can the BoSS echo and complement Rose’s reed timbres, but there are suggestions that some saxophone parts as well as altissimo whistling result from Stapleton’s real-time processing.

Stimulating and outstanding is “Shift” which is built around the contrast between stentorian saxophone growls and delicate resonations from the BoSS. Here Stapleton’s interface is shaped into string-like strums and cascades as Rose exactingly constructs his tonal expansion from irregular pressures, vibrations and squeaks, culminating in a bubbling, circular-breathed exercise. Other pieces like “Felt” finds the BoSS’ premeditated shakes and vibrations causing Rose to turn to circular breathing and reed sucks, while “Zeiteinheit” concludes as a slow-moving exercise in basement tones as the saxophonist deepens his output from slurps and tongue-stops to shaking snorts in response to equally compelling aviary-like shrills from Stapleton."

A preview article for a London show can be found here:

Also on the line-up are Leeds-based Legion of Swine (LoS). "Legion of Swine is interested in noise. The potential to brutalise it, to smash it into pieces and to reconstruct it from a mass of racket. Throw in some hypocrisy via the political and ruling classes, and stir for several minutes". LoS have just released a new album War War, not Jaw, Jaw which is described as "More noise/repetition and disgust at democratic hypocrites".

York/Leeds group Orlando Ferguson fill the remaining slot on the bill with "... something between the ever-looping whitenoise roar of post-apocalyptic radio static and the long-lost instrumental beds of some creeped-out 60s British black and white sci-fi series soundtrack. Like the Tardis taking off - IN YOUR BRAIN. Every track is like an hour long or whatever."

If this sounds like it's your kind of thing, then the Yorkshire performances are taking place on April 8th at The Fenton in Leeds, and on April 9th at The Woolpack Inn, York.