ElectroBattlingDroids review

Nice review of [Wonkystuff #10] here at Hiss And Hum (thank you!)

“Subtle beats form a steady foundation for the hurried movement taking place above ground, like a sturdy bridge which traffic shoots across in all directions. ElectroBattlingDroids deliver you to new sound worlds with the efficiency of a Japanese train. The journey is so smooth that you’re not aware that you are moving at all.”


WonkyStuff has been associated with these artists — either releasing music or putting on gigs:

  • Banana Pill
  • Beanotown Secret Police
  • Christopher Nosnibor
  • Clive Henry
  • Cynthia's Periscope
  • Daniel Voigt
  • Electro Battling Droids
  • Fibonacci Drone Organ
  • Flamingo Creatures
  • Fun Times
  • How Buildings Fail
  • inhuman resources
  • Jethro Bagust
  • Legion Of Swine
  • Lorenzo Abbatoir
  • namke communications
  • neuschlaufen
  • New Victorian Architecture
  • Orlando Ferguson
  • Raeppen
  • Sebastian Oldsmith
  • Sherbet Flies
  • Stapleton/Rose
  • Stocker/Eyes
  • TCH
  • The Truth About Frank
  • tristeTren
  • uncle-mum
  • Yect
  • ~ON
  • ws-d003: sherbet flies vs. neuschlaufen

    Two of York’s noisiest bands become one for an evening of improvised music at the Woolpack. The two bands feature members of Wharf Street Galaxy Band, Fat Spatula, Percy, Broadkast Ritual, Pink Candle, Namke Communications plus more.

    Sherbet Flies vs. Neuschlaufen will be a one-off experience so come on down if you’re curious as to what strange noises will arise! (It’s free entry!)