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Where did the time go?

Ok, sorry about the lack of recent updates - we've been up to stuff (honest) but have completely neglected this corner of the internet.

Coming Soon: retrospective entries about our third release, along with notes on the events we put on earlier in the year...

Preview: Stapleton & Rose, Legion of Swine, Orlando Ferguson

The Fenton, Leeds - 8/4/2014
The Woolpack, York - 9/4/2014

One week from today, Wonkystuff present the Yorkshire leg of the Stapleton & Rose UK tour (facebook event).

The headliners, Stapleton & Rose, combine Rose's (usually) extended saxophone techniques with Stapleton's Bonsai Sound Sculpture (BoSS). BoSS is a musical instrument/sculpture consisting of a re-purposed turntable, electronics, amplified metallic percussion and strings; invented in 2010 in collaboration with Neil Fawcett.